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Infographic- Life Cycle of An Aesthetic Laser or RF Device

Healthcare Investment Advisors are advocates for the local aesthetic practice owner. The below infographic is designed to demonstrate the benefit of buying a pre-owned laser or RF device. As a small business owner, investing in one of these devices is a major purchase that will define your service offerings and your profitability. Considering the advances in the refurbished market offering an initial investment of 50%- 75% of new, it offers much less debt and more free cash to the practice owner. See why below. Click the graphic to see the full size.
For more of Scott P. Carson’s advice on buying cosmetic lasers. See the article by Scott P. Carson in Dot med magazine .

10 Tips For Buying Used Aesthetic Lasers

Scott Carson – Park City, UT

Scott Carson Park CityOur Chief Strategist and expert in aesthetic equipment Scott Patrick Carson gives 10 tips to on some of the unexpected challenges that practice owners can come across when purchasing new and used aesthetic equipment. The article was published in the January issue of DotMed Magazine.

1. Business people have to make educated decisions. 

It’s important to consider which manufacturer and model will best compliment your business. Go online to check out reviews and ratings for the equipment you’re considering for purchase. Some effort here can potentially save you a substantial amount of money and time in the long run.

2.Explore used options responsibly. 

I’ve never met a salesperson that claims to sell the second-best machine and all salespeople are paid to convince you that their machine is the best. I’ve seen tremendous turnover of sales personnel in this industry.

It’s my opinion that new machines are oftentimes similar to slightly older ones, and the so-called improvements are dubious. The technology hasn’t changed that much. There have been minor advances but sometimes, the juice is not worth the squeeze when it comes to buying the more expensive new unit.

Depending upon the situation, some machines are better than others, but the purchaser needs to spend time to learn about the product and compare it to other products in the same market space.

This head-to-head comparison inevitably leads to considering used equipment. However, buying used equipment has its own challenges. …..

Click the link below to view the full article.

10 tips for buying cosmetic lasers by Scott P. Carson

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